Pro Tem 101

What is ProTem Club?

ProTem was founded in 1923 by four Omaha community leaders for the sole purpose of gathering for strictly social functions.  ProTem has five social functions per year funded strictly by members’ dues.

Who runs ProTem Club?

ProTem Club is run by a Board of Control.  The detail work required to prepare and run each event is handled by the Board Secretary and various members of the Board of Control.  The collecting and accounting for dues, collecting for guest fees, and the overall responsibility of accounting for the receipts and disbursements is handled by the Board Treasurer.  The details surrounding our golf outings at OCC are handled by the Golf Committee Members. The remainder of the Board provides oversite and recommendations.  

Resident Membership:

The resident membership consists of approximately 150 members over the age of 45.  New members are nominated by the current members each January.  The Board of Control approves resident membership of new members.  A one-time initiation fee of $550 is required for resident membership.

Nonresident Membership:

Nonresident members are those members who do not live in the immediate Omaha area.  If they attend any of the social events, then they pay the same fee as guests would pay to attend the event.  They do not pay the annual dues paid by a resident member.  If a nonresident member is approved by the Board of Control, then they must pay the one-time fee of $550. As of 2022, the nonresident member event fee is $80.00

Resident Membership Dues:

Resident membership annual dues are determined by the Board of Control.  The annual dues are paid by the resident membership in the spring. 

As of 2022, Membership Dues are $375 per year, payable in January.


Resident members are renewed each year in January. Everyone has the same renewal month. You will receive an email asking you to send a check to the club Treasurer before the end of February.
If a member needs to “postpone” his membership for reasons of family, health, travel, or other life event, he can rejoin one time without paying the initiation fee.

Nomination of New Members:

The Board of Control votes on and approves new member nominations each January. If you have a candidate for Pro Tem membership, simply contact someone on the Board of Control at any time and provide name, address, phone, and email. Minimum age for membership is 45. Remember, new members are “initiated” each January.

Guest Fees:

You are welcome to invite guests to any social event.  The guest fee is determined by the Board of Control and paid to the Treasurer prior to or after the event. As of 2022, the guest fee is $80.00 per guest.

Social Events:

The ProTem Club has five social events annually.  
They consist of two dinners with a speaker, two golf outings with dinner after golf.
At these events, cocktails start at 5:30 and dinner starts at 7:00.

At the Christmas Luncheon, cocktails begin at noon, the buffet at 1:00, and the program begins around 1:45. 

Check the calendar page on the site and mark your calendars now.

ProTem sends out emails three weeks and two weeks prior to each event to solicit RSVPs.
Register for dinner right away and then figure out your golf arrangements in the following days.
Please wait for these reminder emails before you RSVP to our events. We cannot track RSVPs for a December event that was filed in May. 

Generally, the two speakers are sports themed with Athletic Directors, coaches, and sportscasters.   The dinner is held at the Omaha Country Club.

Golf is played at the Omaha Country Club before our dinner.  Golf greens fees are paid by each participant directly to the Pro Shop.  ProTem does not pay greens fees. These are not golf-only events.

 You do not have to play golf to come to the dinner after golf at The Omaha Country Club.

The Christmas Luncheon, held at the Omaha Country Club, is the highlight of the year with a prime rib buffet, followed by entertainment performed by ProTem members.  Next year’s ProTem president is announced at the end of the Christmas luncheon.

ProTem Golf:

We enjoy the privilege of playing at OCC due to our history with the club and the fact that many of our members are also members of OCC. This privilege comes with two exacting caveats.

  1. Each foursome in out golf outings MUST include a member of OCC.
  2. Your group MUST finish your round in 4 hours or less.

If we fail to meet either of these requirements, we will lose the privilege of playing at OCC.

Dress Code:

The Omaha Country Club has a dress code that we are compelled to follow.
Dining Room dress code is business casual. That means dress slacks, a dress shirt, and maybe a sports coat. That means no shorts, and polo shirts are frowned upon. Our Christmas Party is coat and tie. If you bring guests, be sure to share this code with them. 
Golf dress code is golf shorts (no cargo shorts) or slacks with collared shirts (tucked in). Soft spikes only.


The ProTem Clubs maintains a website which contains information about the club:

We use our web site to collect event RSVPs for our 5 annual events. Some pages are protected by a password, which is shared in each of our emailed event announcements.                 Password:       (use contact page on site to be sent a password reminder).

Pro Tem 101               Summary of ProTem basics and protocol.
Board of Control         List of your club Officers.
Calendar                      This includes details on our events and is where you RSVP
Golf                             List of ProTem members who are also OCC members.
History                        Brief history of our origins and list of past presidents and those of our fellow members who have passed.
Members                    Full membership list with contact information
Contact                       Contact form for change of address or suggestions to the board.

The Calendar, Golf list and Members list are password protected

Event RSVP Protocol

ProTem sends out an email three or four weeks prior to each event with details and to solicit RSVPs. Please wait for these reminder emails before you RSVP to our events.

ProTem Club Thursday Lunches:

ProTem members are invited and encouraged to attend the regular Thursday luncheons at the Omaha Country Club throughout the year.  It is a good idea to reach out to a few fellow members to coordinate your Thursday visit, as some weeks, there are very few attendees. 
We have a private room and ProTem Members who do not belong to OCC, may sign on other clubs that have exchange privileges.  If you do not belong to a club with exchange privileges, have the waiter or waitress charge your tickets to ProTem with your name listed on the ticket.  This ticket will then be billed to you by the ProTem Club.

Thank You:

Pro Tem is commemorating 100 years of celebrating friendship and camaraderie. As the club evolves from year to year, we further appreciate the fellowship and history of our club. Thank you for being a part of our historic group.